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Do life's little frustrations bring you to tears?

How often do you find yourself thinking: "I'll take care of my needs once I've taken care of everyone else. They just need me so much, and I can wait another day for self-care."

If you found yourself nodding along, then I'm guessing you're also constantly exhausted and overwhelmed.

The secret to feeling rested and nourished instead of exhausted and overwhelmed is self-care! ​Self-care is critical to our mental, physical and emotional health.

There are so many nuances to self-care that we don't usually hear about. But I've got you covered! This toolkit has everything you need to discover what self-care looks like for you and incorporate it into your daily life.

Jump start your journey to living a life you love!

Get 27-pages packed with worksheets, exercises, and action steps. Discover self-care tools and techniques that work for you, find out how to work them into your schedule, and then learn how to bring the fun back to self-care!

Contents Include:
• What is self-care?
• Self-care vs. self-work
• What self-care looks like for you
• Making time for self-care
• Bringing the fun back to self-care

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Self-Care Toolkit!

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